Frequently Asked

Are your pictures really you?All of my pictures are of me and all of them are exactly what I currently look like and are recent. My stats are completely accurate. I work out on a regular basis, eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle. I have decided to not disclose face photos as I have a full social life and prefer discretion, both for myself and for you which is difficult if my face is everywhere online.

Do you enjoy what you do? Very much so. I make no exceptions or justifications in what I do, l am a happy and sweet person who loves life and loves to live it to its fullest. I enjoy all aspects of my engagements, meeting new and interesting people and building special long-lasting friendships. I thrive on new experiences and adventure, affection and this I have it all..and couldn't be any happier.

Describe your ideal date? I love being taken out for dinner to cosy intimate restaurants with great food. My favourites are Japanese, Italian, French and Lebanese. There is something quite erotic about sharing a sensuous meal together......;-)

How will you be dressed for our date? My personal style is chic, elegant and sophisticated. I always dress appropriately for the occasion and whilst I may turn heads - I never raise eyebrows. I have a beautiful wardrobe and my lingerie is always feminine and sexy.

How far would you travel for a date? I can travel worldwide to meet you, with enough notice, my deposit paid and my flights taken care of. Distance is not an issue. For long distance travel it would be advisable to spend at least 2 or 3 days together. I doubt I would take a 10 hour flight for a dinner date but then never say never:-)

What is your schedule like? My schedule changes vastly, I travel frequently with 'my day job'. Its best to make an advanced appointment - especially if we have not met each other before. What is the ideal amount of notice to give you for "our encounter"? It is likely that I will be available to meet you with 1 or 2 weeks notice.

What is the ideal amount of notice for an international travel booking? If you are 100% sure of the dates and details regarding our meeting 3 months in advance, then why not play safe and ask me to reserve my time then. However I could meet you internationally with only 1/2 weeks notice OR you could try your luck up to 24 hours before... its good to be spontaneous.

Do you have a girlfriend who can join us on our date? I have many gorgeous international girlfriends who would love to have fun with us on our date. Just let me know your preference and with enough notice I can arrange it.

What methods of payment do you accept? I accept cash discreetly placed in an envelope and presented at the beginning of our date so that we can concentrate on enjoying our time together, without ruining the atmosphere by discussing money.